The Best Audio Editing and Creating Tools

With the advanced technologies and increasing competition on internet, there are numerous tools available online and new ones keep coming everyday. For starters and sometimes for even professionals, it becomes difficult to really decide which tool to use. Moreover, creators usually do not include each and every facility that a user may require. If you notice each tool has some or the other feature missing, and that adds to a confusion. In this article I will talk about a tool that is capable of not only editing and creating audio, but much more than that.

AVS Audio tools is the one tool that you must have for all of your audio requirements. It has almost all the features that are required to perform on any audio format files. With AVS Audio you can edit, convert, and even mix audios. You can even record audios, voices from mic, and record from old magnetic tapes. People find converting an audio CD to mp3 or any other format most troublesome. You can perform this task easily with AVS Audio. Lets talk about each features in some detail.

With the Audio Converter you can convert file formats between AMR, AAC, M4A, WMA, PCM, MP3, WAV and many other formats. Then there is an Audio Editor, with which you can record, mix or edit songs in any format. As I said mix, you can add about 20 different effects to a song of your choice. While converting or editing you can choose your own parameters like frequency and bit-rate.

With Audio recorder you can record your own voice or any voices around you and keep it your hard drive. You can even record songs from your magnetic tapes and convert them into your choice of format, so that you can keep a digital format of your old collection. You may need to try few times and change parameters according to your needs in order to get best result.

One of the trendy things this software offers you is that you can create your own ring-tone with it. Pick a song of your choice and take out your choice of piece out of it and save it. Your new ring-tone is ready. Not only this you can even bring together several of small pieces and join it in one piece. So you are given so many of options to play around with this software.

And the best part of all, convert your audio CD into any format of your choice and save it your computer. Just insert an Audio CD into your CD-ROM and it will automatically recognize the audio songs. It will ask you if you wish to convert them to a particular format. Just choose and start converting.