SonyVegas Pro 10 – Audio and HD Video Editing Software

Sony Vegas Pro 10 is a pro audio, HD video, editing software. This new version has a lot of new and improved functions–making it well worth upgrading from Vegas Pro 9.

One of the most distinctive introductions in Sony Vegas Pro 10 is the ability to expedite the development of 3D projects using Stereoscopic 3D Editing. This enables players to import, alter, edit, preview and upload stereoscopic 3D jobs natively with no added tools or plug-ins. With 3D making large pushes within the industry in the last 12 months, it is a key function in any professional video editing application, and Sony of all providers were bound to pursue it in due course.

There is also enhanced support for closed captions, allowing broadcasters to preview captions in the Video Preview and Trimmer windows for increased accuracy and reliability and convenience of editing. In addition to this, it’s simple to export captions for Sony DVD Architect, YouTube, RealPlayer, QuickTime, and Windows Media Player.

If you are using content material that’s been captured using a handheld digital camera, you’ll most definitely recognize the value of the introduction of image stabilisation with the latest version of Sony Vegas Pro 10, to lose those unstable situations.

To accompany each of the brand new video editing features in Sony Vegas Pro 10, users will like some improved audio tools, including Audio Event FX, allowing for more accurate power over the placement of audio effects, which means editors can easily designate audio effects at the master output, bus level, track level and now at the event level for increased flexibility when utilizing multi-track projects.

“As the market leader in producing 3D technologies, Sony is focused on providing integrated professional 3D hardware and software products built for everyone from innovative broadcasters to inspired filmmakers,” reported Dave Chaimson, Sony Creative Software second in command of worldwide marketing and advertising.

“With the launch of Sony Vegas Pro 10, Sony now provides one of the industry’s most intuitive applications for natively editing 3D. Mr. Chaimson went on to explain that…”In addition to providing tools that simplify professional 3D production, Sony Vegas Pro 10 continues to innovate unique solutions for closed captioning, 5.1 surround sound, and widespread content distribution support to offer the most intuitive and progressive workflows for media production.”

Tools such as Vegas Pro 10 put the power in the hands of individuals to achieve amazing results, and to be players in an arena once only attainable by professional level studios. Your ability to produce world class productions has now gotten easier and more intuitive, and the results of this new software opens doors for anyone out there with the passion for audio and high definition video recording and editing.