Meditation Audio – 3 Ways in Which It Can Help Your Meditation

Meditation audio is a great aid for those who are trying to go deeper into their meditation. Using something as simple a sound, meditation can be greatly enhanced. There are plenty of audio tools that can be found today which can be of great help. Given below is a list of 3 different ways in which it can help you meditate better.


Meditation audio would often use nature as the theme. An audio like this would use sounds like that of water, birds and the outdoors. The water sounds has perhaps the most benefits. Because our body is based on water, it is advantageous to use an audio with sounds of the flowing water. This can improve the meditation’s quality greatly as you listen to the sound of water and allow it to carry away the tension and the stress in your body. Though real water sounds are always better, the recordings can also be quite useful. You can even have your own water fountain at home so that you can meditate to the sounds of real water.


A meditation audio can also use music. This category would have the largest number of choices. There are several recordings of orchestra pieces as well as piano pieces. However, if you wish to go to a different place all together, then you should go for Celtic recording or any other recording that is traditional. There are various such interesting recordings like the Japanese instruments, Native American, Indian and African music which can be used for meditation. The experience that you will have with these audios would be totally different. The one thing that you would need to consider when choosing an audio is the outcome that you are looking for when you meditate. Whether you want to de-stress, unwind, rejuvenate or re-connect to yourself. There would be a different audio for each of these needs.


Meditation audio that uses mantras is one where the human voice is used in a way that it would connect to you and offer a human experience. Chants are the most typical in these audios and the language which is used would also have an influence on the quality of your meditation. You could also try to record your own voice in a mantra that you have for yourself. The experience that you would have would be very private and personal.

Various combination of sounds can also provide a unique experience. You can combine Irish soundtrack with that of the rain or any other combination that works for you. These are not the only categories of audios that are available today. You would find several different kinds of meditation audio out there today.