A Self Improvement Tool That is 100 Times Easier Than Meditation and Works Almost Instantly!

How would you like to get access to a very simple audio tool that can help you be more creative, have more energy, improve your focus, and help you sleep better? Sounds good, doesn’t it? The human brain has so much potential, but most people don’t ever investigate ways to tap into this potential. In the last 20 years or so, millions of people have learned that meditation is a great way to be more calm, centered, and improve overall well being and happiness, and I highly recommend meditation for anyone, particularly people who have trouble sleeping.

The trouble is, meditation is not easy. It requires you to sit and focus and concentrate, without moving, and frankly, for most people, it just won’t work because they don’t have the willpower or self-discipline to spend the time needed over the long haul to get the benefits from it. I don’t know of any statistics, but as someone who has wrestled with meditation for years, I would say at least 90% of people quit within a week – it’s just too hard!

Now there is an EASY alternative, called binaural beats. There is a lot of science behind it, which I won’t bore you with. However, what I will tell you is that the basic premise is that your brain is always working at a certain frequency; your brainwaves are the indicators of that frequency. Different moods, such a REM sleep happens at certain frequencies, and periods of intense creativity and focus, happen naturally when your brain is working at those corresponding frequencies. Meditators are slowly changing their brains’ frequency, but with no tools other than sitting quietly, it can take hours on end, week after week, unless of course you’re a Zen monk with year of practice already.

Here’s the thing: your brain responds quickly to sound input. Think of how quickly your mood changes when you listen to certain kinds of music. It’s almost instant, and it can be very powerful. Well, binaural beats are just as powerful. What “binaural” means is that you have two (bi) sounds, each having a different frequency, one for each ear. Your brain hears both frequencies at the same time and processes the sound, merging it into a single frequency, which changes your brainwaves to match the frequency.

Therefore, if you want to be more focused, you just listen to a binaural audio that was created specifically to improve focus. Sometimes they add in accompanying other sounds too, like white noise, waves crashing, or other sounds of nature, and in the background are the binaural frequencies. Either way, it works great, and the reports back from people who have tried it are incredible!

This guy Paul, down in Queensland Australia found that binaural beats helped him to focus on his writing, and he got so excited by it that he brought in a sound engineer friend of his to create custom binaural “beat” audio programs. Then he packaged them up and is offering them inexpensively on his website.

These really work, and the best part is that you get all the benefits of meditation and self-hypnosis and other tools that change your brain, but you don’t have to do any work. You can just listen to the audio for a few minutes before you fall asleep at night, when you wake up in the morning, or at any point throughout your day. You can definitely listen while you are working at your desk. There are many benefits, but of course you have to listen to the audio program that Paul created that matches the benefit that you want to receive.

Here are some of the audio programs Paul is offering in his program, called My Mind Shift:

* Motivation
* Concentration
* Focus
* Awareness
* Learning/Training
* Relaxation
* Anxiety Reduction
* Stress Reduction
* Better Sleep
* Meditation

What really blew me away were the testimonials this guy got from people – everything from reducing splitting headaches to people getting their first full night’s sleep in years, and actually remembering their lucid dreams, to fantastic creativity and concentration. We could all use more of that!

These binaural beats seem very promising, with no effort or work required, but the only way to know for sure if they will work for you is to give them a try yourself. So visit the link below and read up on the subject yourself. I think you will be very pleasantly surprised.